99 Ways to Die - Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents Letra

Master P


Dead Presidents (Letra/Lyrics)


that nigga Master P back in the house for the 9 5 shot

well take a step into this madness that we call the dope game

Richmond California where us youngstas slang that cocaine

and we be hoppin it up and choppin it up and rockin it up

to tens twenties fifties and hundreds to make our profits bro

roll through the town talking shit get your wig split

especially when fucking with another niggas divendends

I mean them George Washington, them Lincoln, Hamilton, Jefferson,

Grant, Ben Franklins

find your ass in the trunk with your motherfuck corpse stankin, haha

the ghetto's trying to kill me

and if you live to see 95 most of ya'll fools can feel me

come take a ride in my 6-4

I'm not Dr. Dre but Richmond, California's death row

you got niggas packin heat

and fiends on every corner trying to make them ends meet

and the game get thicker

when you think its all good

down bows another nigga

to the grave 6 feet deep

I've never seen a man cry but I'm not Scarface G

but I've seen a lot of niggas die

Richmond, California the town of the homicide

got me caught up in a shuffle

sellin crack to my people, just an everyday hustle

I'm too deep to quit

cause the game giva a young nigga like me profits

dead presidents

still trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents

dead presidents

still trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents

blood shot red eyes off that dank gettin toasted

khakis wear up creased motherfuckin shirt half way open

and on my stomach spells T-are-you

that's my click motherfucker, in other words that's my crew

that jumped out this game of crack

to get into this game of rap, to put us on the map

and we ain't takin no shorts

independent worlwide and us niggas hella roll

gettin paid like the bank, cook it up like crank

distribute it to the world like some motherfucking dank

but there's always some sucka ass busta playa hatin

mother fucker runnin up talking bout you all that nigga

you can't rap nigga, insane fool on crack

I get more bitches than you, fools cock 22

I cock A-K's make niggas run for they duece

and them blue signs is thicker

cause when you think it's all over, I be the bounty picker

wiping niggas up like soap, niggas can never go

when you fools was fadin, I was sendin niggas to death row

committin homicides and drive-bys

livin with ?????

but still slanging that fuckin pie

and got more bitches than you

so what the fuck you runnin on my set

talking that hoe shit fool

and No Limit only means the beginning

cause when the other niggas is fading

we just beginning

got more juice than ojay

got more four than fourplay

got more game than M.J.

and like Cube say today will be a good day

25 G's for a key

hook it up and meet King George, 23rd street

straight up A-1 sola, no yola, hella folda

ain't no motherfuckin soda, cook it up like grenola

and we bout to chop the top off

this motherfuckin fire bird, ???????

oh, and them hoes is the side show

and bustas gettin beat down

niggas ain't from the town, hoes gettin clowned

and we sicker than sickery

tricker than trickery

catch you slippin bitch than you history

cuase I got a bunch of niggas that shoot it up for with me

I got a bunch of killas watchin out for P

and the game get deep

how can you stop when these niggas out to get your green

you gotta watch your ass

and if you rollin on them thangs nigga, you better watch real fast

and watch close to your enemy

cause it might be the same nigga sittin right next to you G

and the game gets sad

6 feet deep might be lying your dog ass

trying to get that cash, trying to move fast

but don't tell a nigga where your stash

you know what I'm saying if ya'll in the game

to all my niggas out their in the game

ya'll know how it go, watch your motherfucking ass

stack more money than you can and get out quick, if you can

(chorus plays as P talks)

yea, I got to say what's up to all my niggas out their in the Rich

know what I'm sayin

all my niggas out there in Oakland, Frisco

and all them hustlas that's rollin with me

the TRU click, King George, see-Murder, Calli-G, Silkk, Big Ed

and ya'll know the Ice Cream Man is outtie 5,000

got to say what up to K-Lou for whippin this ol' dope ass shit

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