In the right moment she feels him teething
Burn the pictures of days gone by
Trade this moment for passing pleasure
End the hour with even scores

In the right moment the candles burning
Hide the question in one more thought
With submission you find devotion
Save my soul with sudden good-byes

In the right moment the dial tone comforts
Find your peace beneath tainted sheets
Exchange values for self-indulgence

Cross your heart with fleeting dreams
Judges feasting on shame
Sever passions on end

Children weeping for one
Vacant, denied
In the right moment the story's ending
Try your soul on another page

And time opens your best kept secrets
Plead the fifth now before you lie
In the right moment you play you
In the right moment you slay you

In the right moment you sell you
In the right moment I save you
A decade late


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