Letra de la canción

I am deliriously cold hearted
Maybe I mean cold emotionally

Carrying a tote bag and letting my hope drag in a trail behind me
Wow! This is domestic traveling
And I don't mean to be unraveling my ball of problems all over your leaning shoulder
Wow! Deliriously colder
Wow! Why does philosophy eat philosophy and I'll sloppily have a talk with me
I probably have a lot to see and nothing to say in an irregular way
But that's just enough about me let's talk about me hanging out with a girl named Sally
(Speaking of) But my love's a party of one
At least I'm stable without any fun
It's like running in circles or running in squares
Or visiting twin Earth where green is blue but who cares
Not I said the simple sentence
Which in a sense is saying pop rock is not dead

I am deliriously cold hearted
Maybe I mean cold emotionally

This is serious cause I forgot how to have fun again
The sky's unlimited they got cute stuff
He's her guinea pig must be true love
And oh sure I know your so hard core
Involved in all of the socialite weights good flight rates to find dates
fifty states which may creates many breaks and hears ache double take
may re-make a marriage great
Wow! Spontaneous to fake you out
He or she should have taken him or her out
And discuss why there is no us
And shoot the breeze why there is no we
We will seek thrills in our fantasies but too much time killed in la la land
In demand of supply and dependent without knowing why bother
I can't seem to or wan to stop
i got to hand some strange genes down to my handsome son or daughter
Who are at this time just a thought in the back of my mind I opt not to yet
The thought is unstoppable probable profitable
In every way but my pocketbook
Bearable abominable karma comical
possible cause is jellyfish
Pandemonium only when freedom is seen as just for your enjoyment
Furthermore is for your enjoyment
Furthermore is for your enjoyment

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