This is a captain carnage and necrophiliac duet of death!
it's the witchcraft killer!!!
[captain carnage]
Fillin my fuc*** bed with skulls
choppin up bodies until my blade dulls
i don't give a f*** about the people dyin
try to take mines and on your fuc*** back, you'll be lyin
then, like a corpse in a dead morgue
i find your fuc*** body in prostate park, bitch
i'll have you fuc*** hangin like a fuc*** killa on a meathook
then your fuc*** flesh is getting cooked
roastin, i chop up fuc*** poor man is toasted
i suggest that you dont fuc*** piss me off
now cunt, my fuc*** hollow tips ain't soft
i rip up your rectum, blow out your back
when i body attack, i'm a fuc*** maniac
i don't know who the fuc*** i am, or where the f*** i'm goin
cause another dead body is what i'm persuin
so i continue to laugh
knowin any given moment, i could join a bloodbath
[chorus 2x (necro and captain carnage)]
Destined to die kid! (destined to die)
motherfuckers are just destined to die!!
[captain carnage]
Again i bloody and shush
when i flush and you mush
down a toilet
i wipe my fuc*** "green soylent"
throw down a log, then i make sure you die
there's no escapin new york, even if you fuc*** try
i stick my fuc*** pick, my jagged blade always slices
get too close, and i kill you with my fuc*** knife, kid
i chop a f*** gorilla up, then i poach her
when i reimpulse ya, they fuc*** won't know ya
a leg here, an organ over there
your fuc*** body parts scattered every fuc*** where
so demented, i convict them consequently
kid, i beat the motherfuc*** bitch that i tormented
in my dungeon, i'll be fuc*** plungin
all types of cunts that this dude's fuc*** life functions
i cut and you wind up in my backyard
it's gore, wives should get their fuc*** legs cut
violators get smeared with tar and feathers
bitches get slapped up a different type of lettuce
i'm fuc*** stingy, i'll be quick to rip the last piece of flesh
i'm lookin forward to seein your death
[captain carnage]
What the f*** you lookin at you stupid ugly mothafucka
i shoot you like a dog in a heartbeat, then rape
i fuc*** eat your brains for lunch
your bones go crunch, as i fuc*** much your corpse
cause you wenches though somethin proper but until you stepped up
kid you get swept up
like a dolla, if you fuc*** try to holla
i'll be leavin you wit a bloody fuc*** colla
mothafucka, i never swallow my pride
i'd rather see you die, than let a mothafucka slide
mothafucks get dissed and clowned
try to get loud, i'll leave you dead with a fuc*** cloud
i make abortions
i got a fuc*** full clip
and my silencer
makes it more violenter
so mothafucka, don't f*** wit me
cause i'll, be ready to unload my gat until it's empty
i never break a mothafucka at his party
i'd rather see him harder than a mothafuc*** bloody gauntlet
and after all the fuc*** smoke clears
i'll be on my way to buy a couple of beers
and if your black, you get knocked quick by beastly mallet
i chop up poor punks like salad
i come equipped with the proper utensils
stab at a bitch and then until their bloody blood spills
cause i'm too paranoid to avoid
i massacre, you'll be one dead fuc*** passenger
and this is a message from captain carnage, black
and i'm fuc*** out like fuc*** "kojak"
My crew mad, we'll kill a cocksuckin fag, don't mean to brag
but i'll leave you bloodier than a bitches rag
necro slaughters niggas in my gory quarters
i drink the blood from my orders
i rape that bitch crystal waters
no survivors, you'll slide and sink in fuc*** saliva
i killed arnold shwarzanegger then raped maria shleyever
i stick swords in the abdomens of my landlord
leavin him crippled by cast that got shot in his spinal chord
hoistin your fuc*** head when you get your ass plugged
electrocute his death when i dropped the radio in the bathtub
you won't persue your mothafuc*** nerves
when dinner's served, i'll be eatin fuc*** human hors deuvors
i got vaginal fluid on my knife
i'm out like the last nut bobbitt will ever bust to rape his wife
[captain carnage]
Necrophliac is destined to f*** a corpse
Captain carnage is destined to murda
[captain carnage]
Du riz is destined to hustle
J.e.z is destined to mug
[captain carnage]
Gore too, is destined to mug. die!!!



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