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Necro's goin to brave a stunt
yo, who the f*** you think made chrissy applegate a cunt
don't be fakin shit, make no mistake wit this
i'll backslap you til you're retarded like deniro up in "awakening"
time for money making, you better give up the bacon
you will sleepin forever, that fuc*** pedophile, i will
fuck you, rip my fist when i twist my wrist like bowser
then i'll cut open your heart like a satanic dougie howser
{*laughter drowns out words*} mental 666 like nicky
i know you wanna see me played, but my style is all juice
cause yo, in a +minute+, you'll be my fuc*** +maid+
yom codeine, like al golstein, odin, you better hit fuc*** record
you bitch, go get a tape, trip over a wire and crack open your face
do what it takes to get a tape and record it into place
you kickin envy, nah, shut the f*** up, fuc*** i'll do what i want
plus i'll rip anyday, freestyle or written, a shoe flies up on the stage
beats the guitar, i'll leave a battle and pack a bigger blade
now what, you're lost and nobody wants to find you
the only deal you'll get is when satan signs you
sicko, sickest bastard, runnin through clubs
dead, like a trends a stickin acid, peep it
you can't see me, like i'm in the sky
i got cut above your eye sockets so the blood drips in your eyes
ain't seen nothin decent, pick up my slick 187 reasons
why ali wood needs me, son
yeah, yeah i shot reagan, f*** a pig in they fellafel
wit a knock of bacon, who f*** this car saggin
yeah, yeah i shot reagan, f*** a pig in they fellafel
wit a knock of bacon, who f*** this car saggin
i seen demons in back of taxi cabs
my thougts attack me like a bad acid tab
or a crack drag, the black flag
tales from the darkside, mandatory suicide
you and i collide, never suits and ties arrive
drive in medicated, then the thoughts and dreams accelerated
then some motherfuc*** levitated
talk about some vampire shit like he's dedicated
so i chopped his fuc*** head off quick then i celebrated
i give up my last two dollars, after this honey shows me now
she's a fuc*** pig whose gonna huff and puff and blow me down
her cunts covered with lice, dust and parasites lust
but yo she's a got a nice butt, paradise lust
lights camera orgy, can i suck on the piece
you're vagina yeast is my tiger feast when i f*** like a beast
cream on your cunt, nicely groomed high tops
finger lookin good, get funky high twat
pure evil, vagina yeast, like a statue perfectly chisseled in
shove a missile in, shoot the gza, man
now babies my scums, nitro glicerin
leave my mellow yellow jizalin fuck
porno but let's courts
the golden girls, they got their name
how you think, i pissed on all them cadavers
like i drank alot of (???)
you think i got enough lunch
to cross is fork or a muff
launch excited groupies




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