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Diamonds And Tears

Suzy Bogguss


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Spent my life looking for
Happiness like it was
Buried treasure
Somewhere behind a secret door
Surely there were riches
Beyond measure
I would take my sanity to task
Walk across broken glass to find it
And no mountain top was left unclimbed
Before I ever took the time to look
Inside me

These dreams of mine
These precious years
Oh how they shine
Like diamonds and tears

The slow grace of time
The joy and the fears
Oh how they shine
Like diamonds and tears

Oh sure there was love
And of course I thought he'd be my salvation
And in a way I guess he was
There's always room for higher education

Yes,I have said and heard the word goodbye
Felt the blade and turned the knife-sideways
But I'd cross bridges while they burn
To keep from losin' what I've learned -along the way

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