Rainbow Butt Monkeys

Letra de la canción

No one hates you more then you do
you can't stand what you are
there's nothing i can ever say
to change you, to change you, to change you
it's all you are, it's all you'll ever be
if you go, let it go, let it go, let it go
turn on yourself 4x
turn on, do you bite, would you bite
It burns so bad inside of you
its easy for you to look away
you'll find a way, just stay away
hiding it, hiding it, hiding it
but everything turns into to light
looking down to your right dresting eyes
Your look, your smile, you brighten the day
you learned to hate yourself again
believe your lie, its easier
believe in your lie, its easier
Hallo, away from everything
you get out on the figeness you bring
with a fear its there, so hold you close
closer, closer, closer
give yourself more then this, you can live without love
let your soul bring again, bring yourself.

fuente: musica.com

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