Do I Worrytd

Tommy Dorsey

Letra de la canción

Do i worry?tommy dorsey music and lyrics by stanley cowan and bobby worth(he):do i worry‘cause you're steppin' out?do i worry‘cause you've got me in doubt?do i give a bag o' beans?do i stay home every nightand read my magazines?am i frantic‘cause we've lost the spark?is there panicwhen it starts turning dark?and when evening shadows creep,do i lose any sleep over you?do i worry?you can bet your life i do.(she):do i worrywhen your old flame calls?do i worryif niag'ra falls?though i know you like to flirt,do you think i really care?are my feelings really hurtwhen you return a stare?am i curiouswhen the gossip flies?am i furious‘bout your little white lies?and when all our evenings end“cause you've got a sick friend who needs you,do i worry?you know doggone well i do!

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