Dodo de Zack Attack

Dodo Letra

Zack Attack



I met him in a cloud down in la-la land
where it’s floppy and stretchy just like a rubber band
b-a-n-d band
he walked up to me and he twisted back my arm
i asked him his name and in a gurgly voice he said
d-o-d-o dodo
do-do-do-do dodo
Well i ain’t the world's most flexible guy
but when he jack-hammered my back he didn’t broke my spine
oh my, dodo
well i'm not dumb but i can't really see
why he wears all this gap and doesn’t let me call him g
oh my, dodo
Well, we drank lemonade and stayed up and boxed
and played tag with a cinderblock
he picked up a hammer and banged my knee
but i was used to it and i didn’t scream
well, he’s not the world's most sweet guy,
but when i looked in his eyes, well i almost fell for my
I kicked him away
i charged like a boar
i tripped to the floor
i got off of my knees
then i whacked his face and he did the same to me
Well that's the way that it stayed
and i always want to kick the noggin of my dodo
boys will whack boys and boys will whack girls
it's a crazy, zany, stupid world especially dodo
Well we tunneled underground just a week before
and i'd never ever met a groundhog before
but dodo laughed and bent back my hand
and said “zack attack you’re a funny man!”
Well i'm not the world's most masculine man
but i know what i am and i’m glad i’m a man
and so is lola
la-la-la-la lola la-la-la-la lola
lola la-la-la-la lola la-la-la-la lola