Disco 'Bitch With a Perm' (1994) al que pertenece la canción 'Dog Baby'

Dog Baby

Tim Dog


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Comin back with that east coast flavor...

Mista busta where you at?
Can't scrap a lick hey yo those rhymes is whack
You need to keep yo corny ass at makin beef
You be soundin like a kid from sesame's street
Tryin to dis d o g when that ain't right
Sickin snoopy on me when that ain't right
Gettin funky on me when that ain't right
When i be givin it to your girl every other night
I get down for my crown and i represent
Do whatever i gotta do just to pay the rent
And if it means dissin you [fool] and yo crew [fool]
I'm comin to your house with the bronx zoo
Rappers frontin on the dog on the mic get stepped upon
And when you get crapped upon you can stomp like a leprechaun
Straight up, word up for the real
Deal, not hollyfield but still
I might send in the dogs just like mike tyson
When i'm grabbin the mic, everything is alright, yeah
And i just lay back in the flow
Rappers wanna step to me but they just don't know
That i'm the dog...

[it's the dog, baby baby
The dog, baby baby
The dog, baby baby
Tim dog !]
(4x while tim dog goes:)
Yeah !
Comin back with that east coast flavor
Yeah !
Comin back like that !

I'm sittin in my crib watchin mtv
When this skinny muthaphukka on the telly try to dis me [baby]
He try to flex on the d-o-g
But if i gave that punk binoculars he still couldn't see me
So shake your bones and your rattle
And leave your toy 9 at home and bring your skills to the battle
Like jeru, i'm gonna damage
Lookin for success and your ass is a burgerking sandwich
It's a pitty fake niggaz gotta show off
I'll bust yo skinny ass with a saw-ed off
Shotgun ! didn't even know that i got one
I'm aiming at your brain
Come in my house of pain
Suckers try to flip, yo, i'm comin quick
With some super super bad boogie down bronx shit
You rappers better run and hide
Tell yo ho dr.dre i got something to ride [let me ride]
On my d-i-...see ya
Told you you would d-i-...
E if you ever step to the d-o-g
Punk, you besta know the game
My nutsack is bigger so what's my name ?


I came in the door, i said it before
I never dissed that punk dr.dre no more
But he's bitin me, fightin me, invitin me to rhyme
I can't hold it back, i'm gonna go for mine
The original hardcore lyric ballbreaker
When it comes to whack mcs no i'm not a funk faker
I just smash, crash on that ass and put that ass in the trash
Like it's nuthin you learned in class
I'm a real mc and i'm on my own
And if nobody got my back, i can hold my own
If i die, i die, if i live, i live
But if hip-hop survive, i got something i can give
I don't care if you don't think i can win [word]
And i don't care if you don't wanna be my friend [word]
And if the pound get mad and they wanna step in
Come on and step right in, step right in to the...


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