young buck rida Letra y Canción

50 Cent

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YOUNG BUCK RIDA es una canción de 50 Cent.


'young buck rida'

Killa ride with his gun up high
to the day that the sun don,t shine
it's yo life come and try to take mine
I guarantee that I'll make some time
to split ya dome open so I can try to find
what was on yo mind, that made you decide to
point ya nine
now it my point to make sure you die
end of sentence or should I say the end of yo life
got niggaz like killa wild on the streets they right
got bitches like that young buck boy he so tight
the industry think im tryin to take over I might,cause Im that nice
killa k bout to take flight
I'm coming up fast & I'm just a rookie in the league
most niggaz be soft as fresh cookies in the league
thats how I know I cando this shit
jay taught me the blueprint so basically now I'm a bluechip
everybody makin me offers tryin to give me loose chips and throw me new whips
but I rather stay independent
so as fast as I started I can end it

This is thug thrilla aka young killa
best believe I'm a young buck representa
im ballin outa control while you niggaz still hatin
but I ain't trippen I'm gone keep reppin yb and stack my paper

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