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Artist:All Out
Song: Ghetto's Anthem
Album: Hustler Baller

born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto
born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto

verse1:a yo
the ghetto shows the niggas love
when I'm hungry the ghetto sells the niggas drugs
when I'm friendless the ghetto introduce the thugs
when I'm in trouble the ghetto busts a niggas slug
for all my thugs
the ghetto makes yo panths sag
you want to sport waves the ghetto gives ya du rags
the ghetto wears a niggas sign,
like trees on tim shags
it's the N.Y fitted how long will ya tims last
park ya car in the ghetto how long will ya rims last
niggas hitting licks for exchange of slim cash
ya damn right we live the life of the street
we see the dark of the life in the streets(what)

born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto
born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto

verse2 p.sweety:a yo
the streets told me only dollars can make cents
and you can double what you spend if its caculated lagit
yeah we all sold out talks cheep with ya gold mouth
im talking ghetto fabolous whit ya nebal and toes out
500 dollar whip 17's with the bows out
peeps watching kids laughing thugs arguing and cracking
but we seperate our self from all this hatred in acting
cause these niggas trying to kill us mama watching and catching
what you know about waking up christmas is giftless
amd still I aint get shit I put COAT on my wish list
I was born in the ghetto but raised in a lawless hood
and If ya girl would'nt suck you then a fiend would
yeah this shit seem easy and it seems good
but you cant throw yo pants away because the seams good
I know my limit to the codes of the street
now hot plate to this coal we eat (what)

born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto
born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto

verse3 noody:
a big hustling dawg is all I know

or selling dough to get the money to flow in the studio
I must admit it, it was hell living a world of menace
I swear so hard they should put me in the world genis
when I was over mama left and she past the life
just me and my brothers live in a house that was filled whit trife
sweating in my sleep worried about the next day
will I live or will I just get blast away
I'm 16 dawg puttin 100% work
can't blame god cause we all started from this dirt
that's why I hustle till I can't no more so f*** the world
I'm on my own to reach them sky's and them diamonds and pearls
yall dont feel me but its cool buts it's cool cause a nigga spit real

born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto
born in this ghetto, born in this ghetto

ooh ooh yeah
born in this ghetto
oooooooohhh yeah

50 Cent


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