Dr. Hook

Letra de la canción

Dooley Jones was doomed since the day that he was born
All because his mama was Sadie Jones
Cruel words upon him ever since he was young
You ain't got no daddy boy you ain't no man's son

Children heard the facts at home
Talked them up in school
Teased him 'til his mind was bent and bruised
(You ain't got no daddy Dooley Jones)

Weight upon his shoulder
A thorn stuck in his soul
His body walks and talks
But his mind has no control

Dooley Jones, Dooley Jones
You're no man's son, you're no mans child
Spring time satisfaction
This infants heart is wild

Dooley walks the highways
Every day for miles
Babbling to birds flying by
(Babbling to the birds as they fly by)

Somewhere some man hides his eyes
Cause Dooley is his child
Son of seasons pleasure
Forever runnin' wild

[Chorus: x2]

Forever runnin' wild
Oh Dooley
Forever runnin' wild
Spring time satisfaction
Ever runnin' wild
Forever runnin' wild
Ever runnin' wild
Forever runnin' wild

Dr. Hook
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