Drink The Wine

Realitive Viewpoint

Letra de la canción

There are people who beleive and they will say
they have found the one and only way
but some of us have different points of view
and if you don't push your views on me then i won't push mine on you, now
Chorus: you pray to your god and i'll pray to mine
if you don't pray to any god,
that'll be just fine.
you pray in your house and i'll pray in mine,
you can drink the blood of christ,
but i'll just drink the wine, drink the wine.
There are those who want to try and save us all,
lift us and exhalt us when we fall.
and if we don't accept, we won't belong,
but if your religion isn't right, that doesn't mean it's wrong, now
Bridge: now hitler was a fan of church and state,
he used it as a tool to fuel his bigotry and hate,
we know what came of those who disagreed,
this is one mistake we can't let anyone repeat,so
Now education opens up our minds,
it helps us see to keep from going blind.
there are those who think we should teach god in school,
but who's god? my god? do you take me for a fool, so

My god's bigger than your god(x's 7)
my god's bigger that your's.
I'll just drink the wine, ooohhhh.

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