Blue Perna

I got madd styles which i create
and when i'm on the mic i daze manipulate
you see, i can recognize that all the fella's in my crew, habitually smoke and on occasion i will too
master of the fine art sweeter than a pop tart lyrical genius on the mic without my guitar
sucka mc's talk about strappin the gats
i'm too busy rappin 'bout straight up facts
'cause every once in a while i'll meet a girl with a smile
mack her to the fullest until she's in my file
as i recreate the scene no younger than 18
i'll bone 'em 'till the moanin' turns to great screams
get up in my face don't blink make a turna
i'm gettin' madd sick like my nigga' howard sterna
i'll burn ya' and dig your grave with a shovel
watch me drop knowledge as i step to a higher level
I wear my spy's in the day 'cause it's bright
and i never pause on a lyric 'cause it's tight
natural skills that'll make you say "yo!"
master mind with a pen----bring it yo
girlies on my jock like the rock and i'm chillin'
slob on my nob i puff to get the feelin'
nobody knows just how my flow creeps in
plenty of foes but outnumbered by friends
g style, freestyle, she smiled,
ear to ear like a crocodile
up in the cut step and say what
knock a couple back then i'll take your slut
take my time no rush layed back
but get your ass up while i cut on on the track
Knock out blows they call me tyson when i fight
step on your pride as i hit you with another right
buck, buck, buck, buck damn!
now you know that i'm in command
cross the line as i come from behind to rip out your spine then step on your mind
fuck you i won't do what you tell me
damn straight g got the priority
it's time to play remember how we start the party?
killer beats straight superiority
where you gonna go whatcha gonna do
i hunt like a dog sniff sniff 'till i bite you
the hunt is on throught the woods and the trees
writing phat rhymes stay up to smoke weed
puff puff pass with the grass that we inhale
just got an ounce in the mail

fuente: musica.com

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