Bachman Turner Overdrive

Letra de la canción

When you feel like dancin'
but you're all shook out
we have found the answer
turn yourself about
find yourself some people
to stand out in a line
join the ends together
now you're doin' fine
Keep it smooth, ah
with an easy groove, oh
keep it smooth, ah
with an easy groove, huh
Dance it in a circle
shake your heads around
turn it counterclockwise
put your hands up and down
you don't need to hustle
when you want to move
so take some time relax your mind
and do the easy groove
keep it smooth
When you're feeling mellow
and life is in a spin
we have found the answer
let something new begin
get aboard the dance train
we're gonna take a ride
it's time to go in evenflow
and leave your cares outside

fuente: musica.com

Bachman Turner Overdrive
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