Eletric Youth del álbum 'Electric Youth'

Eletric Youth

Debbie Gibson

La canción 'Eletric Youth' se estrenó en 1989. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Electric Youth


Electric youthdebbie gibsonelectric youthwritten by: deborah gibsonverse 1:zappin' it to yathe pressure's everywheregoin' right through yathe fever's in the airoh yeah, it's there!don't underestimate the powerof a lifetime aheadchorus:electric youthfeel the power, you see the energycomin' upcoming on strongthe future only belongsto the future itself/in the hands of itselfand the future iselectric youthit's true you can't fight itlive by itthe next generation...it's electricverse 2:we've got the most timeto make the world go roundoh, can you spare a dime?place your bet on our soundcome back to towndon't lose sight of potential mastermindremember when you were youngchorusbridge:we do what comes naturally (naturally)you see nowwait for the possibilitydon't you see a strong resemblanceto yourself? (oh....)don't you think what we say is importantwhatever it may be...the fun is gonna start with me'cause i'm bringing it back...chorus

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