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Electric youthdebbie gibsonelectric youthwritten by: deborah gibsonverse 1:zappin' it to yathe pressure's everywheregoin' right through yathe fever's in the airoh yeah, it's there!don't underestimate the powerof a lifetime aheadchorus:electric youthfeel the power, you see the energycomin' upcoming on strongthe future only belongsto the future itself/in the hands of itselfand the future iselectric youthit's true you can't fight itlive by itthe next generation...it's electricverse 2:we've got the most timeto make the world go roundoh, can you spare a dime?place your bet on our soundcome back to towndon't lose sight of potential mastermindremember when you were youngchorusbridge:we do what comes naturally (naturally)you see nowwait for the possibilitydon't you see a strong resemblanceto yourself? (oh....)don't you think what we say is importantwhatever it may be...the fun is gonna start with me'cause i'm bringing it back...chorus

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Debbie Gibson
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