Letra de la canción

Musical interlude plays.
and now introducing....the ellipse(echoes)
we're the complete circle, of your life.
we're the balance, that guides you right.
we're the guys, that all the ladies want.
we're ellipse, and we're better than you thought.
Verse 1:
I'm ya man pantha, first of the duo.
i take no crap, but by now you should know.
i may not be the best, but i'm nowhere near the worse.
you'll hear my rhymes as they become better through each lyrical verse.
yea, i might seem like i'm lil right now.
but once i blow up you'll be like, "wow".
everything great has taken time,
and i'ma make sure, i take mine.
Verse 2:
(pantha): now the sound you'll hear finishes the circle.
start listening to the words of my man, skeptikal.
(skeptikal): yo, this da man skeptikal.
stealin' my style ain't the least bit acceptible.
i spit better than pantha but yet still the same.
w oth pressing hard to make our claim to fame.
this rap game is and always will be difficult to enter.
you gotta rough house just to make it to the center.
and once you make it, you gotta battle hard to stay.
but then again, the rap game had always been played that way.
Verse 3: skeptikal (pantha)
ellipse is the new kids on the block.
(and we gonna be heading straight to the top.)
the business needs more real people like us.
(no lies, it ain't nothin' but trust.)
so ya fakers can just get up and roll.
(don't let your behind, hit the door.)
if you a problem wit us, state your beef.
(but then you gotta deal wit him and me.)
when you start seeing the ladies shaking they hips.
(remember that them sounds then came from ellipse.)
Chorus twice

fuente: musica.com

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