Letra de la canción

Enmity repute
with the force of a power list
i wanna be myself
a picture of me surrounded by mist
el fuser rampages on
through the dark dim and desolate
i know you think i'm wrong
but you rely solely on luck
pass the bottle to the left
and delve into sweet sensation
know the sentence for rebellion and theft
join the verdict shared by every nation
I should have been dead a thousand times
an obsession with the thing
i hate most
high on adrenaline 1 thousand times
strapped to the chair ready to
be burned down
i would have inhaled 1 thousand times
pieces of the whole spread
coast to coast
we've witnesssed all of it fail a thousand times
lean on the bridge and
watch me drown
A maverick on a trip
down the river hands bound
take the bottle take a sip
what goes around comes around
a megaphone and a crowd
more powerful than the police
the record company shroud
holds the rocker on a burning leash
the urge for the overkill
an teen-ager on a tightrope
he knows he taken every pill
his eyes are glazed but his clinging to hope
I fail to live up to my name
i take the body to a diffrent plain
i hate the loss but i gamble for gain
then i go over it all over again
Enmity repute

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