Aztec Jade

Letra de la canción

I see this holy war and i can't believe
how long must this endure before they will see
a mindless game of death
in the end everyone bleeds
There are no winners
no chance for peace
no truce will be called
no common beliefs
Different religion
different opinion
no hope
The end of days is near
filled with pain and fear
the end of days i can tell
i see this image of hell
Disagreement in the promise land
politicians doing what they can
to end the violence, save the day
will we ever understand the hate
Two cultures cannot coexist
with the differences they feel
deep seated hatred coming to a head
all they want to see is war
Can you see the desert sands
blowing through the arid land
once peaceful, no cross to bear
followed faith to get them there
Looking for the promise land
running from foreign hands
traveled far to find a sign
caught between the sands of time
Future brings opposing views
fighting for the right to choose
trail of tears they left behind
caught between the sands of time
Will there ever, ever come a day
will we ever see a brighter way
to live in peace, live a better way
no more killing give us peace that will stay
The seven seals are broken
the time is now at hand
the faithful have now gathered
to cleanse the holy land
A mindless game of death
no one can ever win
suffer the consequence
for all your selfish needs

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