The Walkabouts

Letra de la canción

Cacophonous and slippery 4:35 in the mornin'
And I'm drivin' these streets
Tryin' to capture every sound
My microphone hangs out the back seat window
And what I don't succeed in capturin'
Turns weightless and indifferent
Lord, I've become a stranger, in my old haunts

Blips and bleeps
And siren squalls
This town it just gets richer
And it's teeth get clenched
And I am just a statue
Of a long lost fearless age
Our maladies our strategies
This microphone my wanderin's aside
Lord, I've become a stranger, in my old haunts

Hello desire and what your spooky name implies
In you, I found my silk and swagger,
The calm before the prize
And though I once was warned
You'd be the grave in which I'd lie
With you, I was no stranger, in my old haunts

Someday I'll hit the turnpike
Speed past a truck stop burnin'
It'll streak my rear view mirror
It'll fade, a lonely flicker
And I'll listen to these tapes I've made
My symphony of phantoms
Lord, I've ended up a stranger in my old haunts
I've become a stranger, in my old haunts
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The Walkabouts
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