Letra de la canción

I see the way you look at me when we're just talking
Always got a smile for me you're eyes are sparkling
Think about you every day, the things you do
I really like the idea that you're thinkin of me too

[Repeat: x2]
But it's you again, where do I fit in
I know that it's a sin, but I want you

[Repeat: x3]
But I want you

I think about you every day girl you take me breath away
I'm just waiting for you to say being with him has had it's day
Layin' awake in bed sometimes I just can't drink you out my mind
I try my best but all I see is you n me, you n me, you n me, you n me, you n me, you n me

But it's you again where do I fit in

[Repeat: x8]
I'm scared that

[Repeat: x12]
I'm scared that everybody's seen it on my face

[Repeat; x9]
I'm scared that

[Repeat: x16]
I'm scared that
fuente: musica.com

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