Evolution Is Pollution

David & The Giants

Letra de la canción

I do believe that god is god
and he created man
he made the fishes in the sea
and every speck of sand
now don't you try to tell me
that darwin is the truth
saying we came from baboons that's a lie and it's uncouth
evolution is pollution and it's got to go
we got to clean up america
and let the children know
evolution is pollution
if your teacher tells you different just say no
This country came together
under god in whom we trust
atheism, humanism is a smog of the unjust
let us all join together
and let the world know that we care
let 'us stand against the darkness
and take this filth from the air
(repeat chorus)
Dirty books and rotten crooks are all pollutants too
alchol and killing babies is like a human zoo
(repeat chorus)

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