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Baby Come To Me
I will chase your tears away
Put your trust in me
Girl I swear I'll never change
Darling you will see
That my love is here to stay
I promise you, I will be true
From here and now, forever girl I

I said I love you
I said I care
When I tell you I love you
It means I always will be there
I'll never leave you
I ain't going nowhere
When I tell you I love you
Cross my heart I will be there

Open up your heart
Don't be afraid to love again
We can take it slow
You should know I understand
Baby take your time
And I don't care how long it takes
Cause I promise you, I'm here for you
From here and now, forever girl I


And I will be there
(And I will be there for you)
Forever sincere to you
(Girl I'll always care for you)
I just want to share my life with you
Right here, right now, forever girl I


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