Stan Rogers

Letra de la canción

Now saturday night on highway eight,
a two ton blimp derailed a freight,
the shock broke windows fifteen miles away..
they declared the train a total wreck,
stella was treated for scratches on her face and neck,
she's my two ton sweety,
my darling stella grey..
Sixty six bust and a forty eight waist,
eighty two hips and elephant legs,
and looking at stella grey from the behind,
just makes me go outta my mind,
woh! how i love stella grey!
one quarter ton of bounce and play..
she's my mammoth mamma,
my darling stella grey..
Now she's so fat that if you want,
you can see her backside from the front,
she gives me a thrill when she bellows "honey!"
twice as much girl for the money...
(spoken): now you gotta remember friends
that this was in the days before women's lib..
(sung): now she's my bulgy baby,
my darling stella grey..
Now she's not much for looks but she's hell on strong,
trims her beard when it gets long,
keeps her hair cut close to her head,
never lets me into her bed.. (spoken) and i'm glad!
but still i love stella grey...
since i've known her my life has really been so gay,
She's my heavy duty honey,
my darling stella grey..
i say.
my darling stella grey..
i say..
my darling stella grey!

fuente: musica.com

Stan Rogers
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