The Scream

Letra de la canción

Father thanks for playin' with my friends and me
I'm glad they got to meet the man i know
You always knew the words and taught me honesty
Picked me up when i was feeling low
If i could talk to you one more time
I know you'd work things out just like before
Where did i go wrong can you hear me sing this song?
Father i won't see you anymore

Mother dry your eyes why do you cry those tears?
You knew someday your baby'd be a man
Letting go is hard when it's for ever dear
I know it's late, but now i understand
If i could hold your hand one more time
And hear your lullabies just like before
I know that i did wrong, so i'm singing you this song
Mother, i won't see you anymore

Son, i wish you knew how much we're missin' you
I saw them cry their tears from up above
I try to tell them, but the words aren't getting through
I didn't mean to hurt the ones i love
Mother, father, i hope to see you soon
And things will be just like they were before
I'm sending all my love, i'm watching from above
And i'll be in their hearts forever more

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