Inspectah Deck


[movie sample]
does she suck you? f*** you?
make you feel like a man?
make you feel real good? come on.
heh heh heh heh heh.
make you get all that good lovin.
you luck this is personal nigga
cuz i ain't gon' kill you.
[inspectah deck]
yo yo late night her click deserted
time is perfect she worth it
femme fetale pussy cat growl like eartha kitt
the first kiss took my heart and nursed it
looked her deep into the eyes, she realized beneath the surface
infatuated lip servant, black afrodeziat
cat walked across the floor, her bedroom eyes glanced back
she posed with the playboy pose, centerfold body rose through her clothes
my love joves rose, the stereo blow, scenario
the lights slow, the hydros rose, 2 totes without the nympho
we went slow, romantic interlude in the nude
soul food, dinner for 2, private interview
silent moans whisper, the bed's bound to break
pretty brown face, i thought i felt the ground shake
the sound of the rain against the window pane
drove her insane, her wild heart has now been tamed
got half a blunt flipped in the train, waitin to inhale
female packed the banger like she been in jail
as we lay, reflectin on the sweet seduction
a brief interuption occured, her man busted in
[movie sample]
yo, yo, yo, who the f*** is this?
what are you doin, yo?
(why you so damn paranoid?
i ain't fuc*** him.)
not at this moment, you aint, no.
c'mon. oh, yea. flip the shit, be honest.
you fuc*** him, right?
(that's what you wanna hear?) yea
(fine! i'm fuc*** him!)
[inspectah deck]
femme fetale, pussy cat growl like eartha kitt
i'm takin chances, but can't resist how she worked it
she loved it too, left a stamp with my 'w' (what?)
your other dude got you vexed, call, i'm comin through
your spot is hot, i did not, we can sit
it's not the niggaz she had, but it's the way she had niggaz
now, i'm tangled, caught up in her love triangle
love it on the sideline, remind when i came through
i blame you, the reason that the flame grew
she threw the pussy like steve young from all angles
carrot on the ankle, made niggaz break fool
the power u will trank you, but i remain cool
yo, i'm showin her love, but it's the fellings i'm avoidin
she was pretty as a wild flower, sweet as poison
poison will the skull and cross bone, spoke in soft tones
red bone, both hands wore stone
plus she home alone, temptin for me to eat the tension
no need to mention, i know, your man's got you tremblin
you feelin threatened, jettin when she needed attention
so, now she give your highness most honorable mention
femme fetale, pussy cat growl like eartha kitt
femme fetale, pussy cat growl like eartha kitt
femme fetale, pussy cat growl like eartha kitt
femme fetale, pussy cat growl like eartha kitt
i'm takin chance, but can't resist how she worked it