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featuring Havoc

(hit em off)

Chorus [La the Darkman]

We deal wit lucci knowledge bitches that go to college

Niggas bubblin bricks that see twenty million dollars

I move wise Chinese secret enterprise

Black spies givin niggas Darkman neck ties so civilize


What up nigga Havoc yea that grimy bastid

Get outlasted you on some pretty rap shit

Fuckin wit thugs violate this, one in the mug

Show no love, four-pounders was holdin us, that's a must

Straight up and down, in gats we trust

Think you bust, touch the stainless steel gats that never rust

It's the lust, to get me vexed, don't take much

You get blitzed on, shitted on, TNT rush

Through the door, knocked off the mothafuckin hinges

Relentless, runnin through your hood right off the hit list

[La the Darkman]

Yo yo, between the gods and the goddesses, devils and demons

I'm weed steamin, gold 32 karat tech gleamin

Cream feenin, like Casino, Trapicante Gambino

Rollin strapped on a bike, New Jack sit, like G and Nino

Shit is real dunn, me and Hav rap for guns

You just a son, you be hung by the skin on your tongue

P.R.'s on the run, change my name, identity

Got a dynasty of clanmen wit cheese like the Kennedy's

Non-friendly, see me in Brazil sippin Henny

Check my pinky ring medallion, it's a form gold penny

I'm drug, put my foot in my victims in cold blood

Life is cheap for you thugs when you give the dirt a hug

You move slow, direct effect of sniffin snow

La's song, home alone smokin wit a red bone

That get's messy, Darkman blow spots like Joe Pesci

In bars, wit twenty yards, \"Get out of jail free\" cards

You can't fuck wit this Monopoly, knocker, dumb ?boka?

Dreaded one, straight Vodka, best selling crime shocker

Tellin street stories, famous in the ghetto, knife glory

Takin lives, 'cause the RZA shouldn't of let me out the hive

La the Darkman

Chorus 2x

Word up, civilize, knawi'msayin, La the Darkman

Mobb Deep, get sniped in your sleep, word up, word up

Triple Darkness

La The Darkman



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