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Why does it take so long for you to leave me
Once you've said goodbye
I wish it could be over quickly
Clean and painless and dry
But your kiss has left its taste with me

And your hands have left their mark
My ears are full of whispers
And murmurs in the dark
Why does it take so long for you to leave me

Now that you're not here
I wish that I could fight this feelin'
Make you disappear
But my body has a memory
And it holds you close within
The smell of you at midnight
The flavor of your skin

I feel your fingerprints
On my heart
I thought that I could handle you
I thought I was so smart
Now I feel your fingerprints

Nothin' I can do
Ain't it touching how I can't get over you
I can't believe I can't forget you
You didn't matter that much
Is it gonna take another man
To wash away your touch


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