First Day Of Summer

Tony Carey

Letra de la canción

The first day of summertony careywell the kid and me were the team to beatwe could stand up to the big boys,generate some heatand we never thought nothin' about livin on the streat back then.yes sir, we lied a little,and we maybe stole somesayin "southern ca here we come"and we took off down the highway sayin'never goin' back againchorus:it was on the first day of summerwe were the number one outfront runneron the first day of summernothin feels the sameand it feels so goodit was on the first day of summerit was on the first day of summeron the first day of summerthe whole world knows your nameand it feels so goodnow the kid was drivin and i rode shotgunwe were splittin up the moneyfrom our number onesbeatin' time to the radioyes i'm gonna be someonecampin' by the road out in santa fethe kid stole the keys and he drove awayi wound up washin' dishes at a a holiday innsometime i wonder what became of himrepeat chorus


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