The Dogshit Boys

Flash Rock Star Letra

The Dogshit Boys


Flash Rock Star (Letra/Lyrics)

I´m a flashrock star with make-up on
and i know i´m looking good
slick, real fashionable, dressed in black
call me mr hollywood
dirty hair and dirty thoughts
ooh, such a decadent look
image is everything and image is good
i'm the king of the street tonight
I'm a flashrock star, with tired eyes
some evenings tend to be wet
nightclubbing is a way of life
the yellow pages favourite pet
i burn my candle from both ends
my future ain´t that bright
adored and hated all my life
i´m the king of the street tonight
Chorus (x2)
you all love me
you all want me
´cos i´m the coolest guy around
you all love me

Datos de esta canción

FLASH ROCK STAR es una canción de The Dogshit Boys.