Letra de la canción

Flash cut the sky
when i climb up
when destiny leads me
At my wander peak
stone covered by moss
shows written mystic sign
Black father symbol
turned cross
now i know i'm with him
wisdom power and black
symbols your power
till to the end
i will adore it
Now i see
only war
fear it!
christians believers!
Let's up our banners
of black velvet
with painted six six six
Sound of thousand hammers
from darkness forge
where they forge our swords
Bells of anxiety ring
carries fright
army of hell is closed
All regrets will be buried
will no forgive
the time of clever, right of violence
In great pentagram i'm standing
shaping my mighty sword
bring are my black brother
ready to give their life
waiting for bloody
i'm looking to the north
and in a battle massacre
i spot a sword
christian's blood
For glory of satan !!!


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