Paddy Gibney

Letra de la canción

Softly spoken, eyes of golden green
A heart that has been broken
A place where I have been
Lord of the manor
The king of his domain
Truth's what he cares to remember
Nothing will ever change

Lonely without, lonely within
So much to lose, so much to win
So where do we begin?

Forever is for now, in your sad eyes
Forever is for now, say your goodbyes
Forever is for now, Forever is for now

Learn from the past
Take the present for what it is
Make the future happen
You've got to make the future happen
I know you've loved, I've seen you love
So sad the bad times out weigh the good

Lonely without, Lonely within
Nothing to lose, Nothing to win
Except being at peace again

Forever is now, It's in your sad eyes
Forever is now, so say your goodbyes
Forever is now, Forever is now

Forever and ever and ever is for now
Forever and ever somehow
Forever and ever and ever is for now
With you my love, I'll make it somehow

Because I can see inside your heart
And I can see that life's been hard
I love you more than you could know
Let my love help you let go.
Let go.

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