Anthony B.


well a bless we a bless dem and teach dem
and purge dem out and cleanse dem
mek dem know say emperor selassie i
is the almighty ah yo yagi yagi yagi di yagi yagi di yo
yagi di yagi di yo a a a, yagi di yagi di yo, yagi di yagi di yo
tell them free that's the way ghetto youths want to be
so we can spree yo pick the beam out a you eye
before you grudge nobody
take the words from anthony and startrail family
we say free, that's the way the blackman want to be
fi haile the trinity yo pick the beam out a you eye
before you judge nobody
take the words from anthony and startrail
Verse 1:
meditation ulimited yes that a me
foundation solid yes that a me
a think positive yest that a me
me nah think negative yes that a me
pure blessing me give yes that a me
babylon we a sieve yes that a me
nah bow out pon dem pig yes that a me
me grow me locks it better than them wig
so me shout out
Verse 2:
caan use ghetto man like dem a mucule
caan come tear dem like terline and wool
cup dem empty rasta come fi full
justice dem lock up a it me pull
fi do that you a fi brave, bad like bull
chant lightning that mean say bobo powerful
don't try stop you brother when you se
e him a do him good
leave all judging to jah jah that you should
Verse 3:
see rasta and a critisize dem pants but look pon you shirt
say dem pants hole, hole but you shirt it have dirt
me show you the dirt you say a you feelings mi hurt
so leave the judging to selassie i the first yo
you stop critisize the bobo when you see dem a sell dem broom
a it a sweep the filthiness out a oonu room
no criticize the foreman true you flowers improve
listem me no bride and groom rastafman a said

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