From Darkest Skies - My Dying Bride

From Darkest Skies

My Dying Bride

Letra, canción


'From Darkest Skies'

Take your own
Sick with fever
And cry out loud to God
Your sorry own

Will be piled upon me
That I can't see
My God
I've cried for earth

More than once
But rivers still run
With reddest tears
Be lost in me

And I'll never need to ask
Who wants me?
Who wants Me?
Be mine tonight.

The sight of your light
I'll breathe in you.
I'm a fool, just for you
I'm in pain

And I don't know why
Under heavy rain
From darkest skies
We're in pain

The two of us
And I no longer know
Which way to go
Open wide.

Let me see
Your bleeding heart cries for me
Look straight up.
Look at the sun

This song's for her.
Her requiem
Open wide.
Let me see

A poisoned soul in agony
Self pity strangles me
I'm lashed by grief
And I'm killing me

Don't fear.
My fire is enough
For both of us