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Fuck U Blind - Letra

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'Fuck U Blind' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco The Polyfuze Method.


I'm on the brink I wonder what you bitches think
Like Madonna walkin round like you ship doesn't stink
No class jack ass bitches actin like a burro
Dressed in black head to toe thinkin you're so fuckin euro

Tryin to act Manhattan when you're from some little village
In a Public Enemy shirt and it's all for your image
'Cause any other rap you think it's crap fuckin trash
Bitch talk your shit just never let me get that ass


I'll fuck you blind bitch
I'll fuck you blind bitch
I'll fuck you blind till you just can't see no more

Back in school I knew this chick her name was Sara Bolerdies
And she thought she was the shit becuz she dated older guys
Dumb bitch fuckin whore always wanted to get laid
But never gave the pussy up to anybody in her grade

Played me like a sucker
Like a bitch like a punk
That little pussy lickin finger fuckin ho ass cunt
Never once did she speak to anybody in her class

So one day I told her never let me get that ass


Gettin' drunk smokin' buddha,
Gettin' laid and gettin' played like fuckin' Amy Papuda
Better chill with that before you kill the cat
Before you spend your fuckin' life lying on your back

You ain't gotta let me fuck you to be liked
Get a grip, shit I'll like you just the same if you suck a good dick
And yo I'm not speakin' to all you girls at my shows
I'm speakin' directly to all you fuckin' bitches and hoes

'Cause I love women ones who chill drink and laugh
But if your fake ho don't ever cross my mother fuckin' path

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