Fuck You



Fuck You Letra

Muthafucker wanna be a clown of the town ah
bow down get ready for another round
turn me up, i'm fed up with your shit yeah
fuck that shit i never wanna quit
i never wanna split this joint with my microphone
i got to turn psycho when i'm all alone
i got to take the zone like i'm al capone, yeah what now
never leave your dog a bone
life is a beautiful thing uh-huh
one mistake another pain that it brings
so love is like a song that you sing
they go together like a queen and a king
so where you gonna run huh
where you gonna hide yeah
every minute every second
i'll be fuckin' with your mind, break it down
now you better think
everything in this world will just make you sink
so call me a freak yeah tell me i'm sick
i don't give a f***, suck my dick
i rock those who take blows
everyone knows that life what
it's just the way that it goes
Fuck you
and shake what momma gave you
fuck you
you gotta do what you gotta do
falling away, i've been falling away
i want to say get the f*** out of my way

let it rip you, coz i'm coming through
i'm speaking all the words that are right for you
i die for you, coz i fight for you
but you never give a f*** so i lie to you
i'm the lyricist, so don't mess with this
yo burn this place like an arsonist
i come like this, do i make you twist yo
never talk peace when you can't resist
so let me take you to another level
like a rebel advocated by thousands of devils
kill this, kill that, f*** this, f*** that
too many people dying motherfuc*** better stop that
i ignite like a fuse when i turn on the news
too many fuc*** up motherfuc*** try to use and abuse
nobody wins, everybody will lose
never turn your back, you gotta pay your dues
so what
Repeat chorus: