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fuck you all, you little asses, f*** you all, you make me sick (2x)
Tired of the shit that i learned from school
tired of the things that i don't wanna do
pissed by the shit people want me to
i miss all the things that i used to do
why don't you asses not just leave
set me free just let me be
that's just me how i really wanna be
excuse me, i see i'm dealin with another fuc*** wannabe
you're trippin', you're gettin' on my nerves
now i really know what it takes to win a persons spurse
too many haters all around and too much curse
it stinks what you do is right, what i do is wrong
i don't give a f*** i just keep going on
my tongue is active, my shit is progressive
i'm massive, aggressive, for you too expensive
so better stay passive all that you do is annoy me
you should find another employment
you're lookin' at me and all you see is a foreigner
just another alien, i will be the reason for this rebellion
fuck you all, you little asses, f*** you all, you make me sick (2x)
(fuck you)
i do see a lot of wannabees in the club
a lot of son of guns like geeez smokin' pot
a lot of mamas and sisters they're shakin' around their butts
and me in the middle of a little shitty club
i'm laughin' at your pimples how you're tryin' to get it hot
even when i come around is just like wassssup
the superficial people all around what the fuck
your life is just a cent i'm about a buck
me and my dude duane rollin' in the subway
we don't give a f*** about it is really ok
we are damn sure next day sex play is guarantee
and everybody in the club wanna get to know me as a homie
wants to show me what he can i don't wanna burn
i ain't concerned i never maintain there is nothing for me to learn
you might be jealous fellows and that's a real fact
fuck you all
fuck you all, you little asses, f*** you all, you make me sick (2x)
Just take a look at society everybody's walkin' like a vip
boys at the bar full of bacardi chicks in the club on exstacy
dressed up shitty like a blond barbie isn't it scary
but where's your man, ahh, sorry, isn't it ken
the man who carries you on his hands to wonderland
to the never neverland, hmm strange, how did it come so far
all i hear is blablabla, i wanna be this i wanna be that
i wanna be a superstar
germany is searching on tv kids at the age of ten to thirty
isn't it dirty???
fuck you all, you little asses, f*** you all, you make me sick (2x)
(fuck you)
Ey your man don't take the personnel
you thing about want a try tell jäh
try a invebi you man
try to be somelse
try to be yourself o.k.?
Peace, a made.
Ha f*** you.
I right that, i right that



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