Dave Herrick

You shot dirt under my eyelids after i fell
id burn you alive if i didnt fear the smell
i have some words to you, a controlling witch
a message from the devil saying "fuck you bitch"
Every lie you say just makes me fuc*** sick
you can suck the stripes off a zebra's dick
if you piss me off you can suck off an elf
better yet you can just go f*** yourself
You're evil...and i hate you
everyword i said i believed was true
but now i can think while the fire is lit
everyword i said i believe now is bullshit
Fuck you bitch
fuck you bitch
your fuc*** evil
fuck you bitch
Those dimonds i seen in your eyes
turned out to be diseased black flies
i used to think your eyes were so green
now i think you smell like gasoline
I loved the sound of your phone calls
now they sound like pins digging in my balls
i used to watch you when you were asleep so fast
now i'd rather watch a monkey pull a golf ball out of his ass
Fuck you f*** you f*** you f*** you
fuck you f*** you f*** you f*** you
evil slut whore skank rat bag
fuck you bitch you suck rabbit nuts
fuck you f*** you f*** you f*** you
evil evil fuc***....slut!
fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuente: musica.com

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