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[hook - pharrell]
gimme somethin' to roll
somethin' gangstafied
gimme somethin' to roll
somethin' gangstafied
gimme somethin' to roll
somethin' gangstafied
hey hey star trak, star trak
now let's smoke and ride
[bridge - pharrell]
oh girl ya taste is
sweet like mornin' dew
i would go crazy girl
if i couldn't have none of you
i said ya from jamaica
straight outta my mercedes trunk
you make me wanna roll ya up
and then you make my body slump
[chorus - pharrell]
which make a nigga have a gangsta lean
(talk about the gangsta lean)
you make a nigga have a gangsta lean
(talk about the gangsta lean)
make a nigga have a gangsta leeean
(talk about the gangsta lean)
you make a nigga have a gangsta lean
(talk about the gangsta lean)
[verse 1 - malice]
i only love her on occasions, keep my heart racin'
love to take her on vacations
where the time zone changes and money exchanges
and meters and kilometers on the dials of the ranges
far away, with my jamacian
sexy everyday is like a holiday
the cheeba got me in a slum sleeper, but when i try to leave her
i just find out that it's cheaper to keep her
plus she keep my thoughts deeper, really zonin'
like my cali homies 6-4 rollin'
or them deroit 'lacs trimmed in golden
or my texas family 150 white strollin'
damn, i was caught up in +the matrix+
but not +keanu reaves+, as she rolls in bamboo leaves
i think a way to ship off these piano keys
since the traffic in a gangsta lean
[chorus w/ minor variations]
[verse 2 - pusha t]
if you put me where i need to be, twist you anytime i feel the need
love ya touch and how you set my mind at ease
in virginia where you kept me motionless
from that point on i knew i could never get over this
now they wanna see us broke up
'cuz i'm lovesick, got me all choked up
look, you keep my head in the clouds mami ,'till i can't breathe
and next to that heat seeker you my main squeeze
plus i get twistin' didn't even spend my money on
now either i'm a fool or you really must got me gone
you got me open these days i must admit
body numbed up and in a slump like i been hit
but luckily it's just the green got me leavin' smoke streams
and blowin' smoke rings as i flee from the scene
gangsta leanin' in a 850 beamin'
i'm like k-ci and jo-jo, love you got me fiendin'
[verse 3 - pusha t]
her sex so sticky, i'm talkin' real icky
have me gone and twisty, make my other women miss me
just by the way she kiss me
hold her wit the index and thumb tippys, ma i'm so trippy
hard to hold back, scent so sweet
got to cognac and honey wrap her this ain't drink
from taiwanese to amsterdam greeny green
to hydroponic that make a weak stomach vomit
listen, at times you hinder my vision
blinded by ya love and you got the room spinnin'
it's not jealousy the reason why i keep you hidden
hell, i hit you then i pass you to my man like i do my women
i know just what i'm investin' in
i done traded currency wit the mexicans
in texas just so we could get affectionate
your complexion lime green wit red specks in it, i love you


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