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Chorus: stop pickin on me. because i’m a geek. i’m strange to you. you’re strange to me. well, one of these days. i’m gonna pack heat.
you’re brains on the wall. my face on tv.
They dissipate the pungent odor of a power holder.
sand kickers comin’ sixty clicks upon the sonar.
they’re gonna fold me over like a trapper keeper folder.
if this was d&d, you’d see me jump into a portal.
i’m a geek, spelled g double 3 k.
i meet my boys in the basement about every day.
card table, comic books, and cans of coke.
that we blow out our nose after a star wars joke.
we got style.
tape on our glasses, zits on our faces and hair on our asses.
shiny shoes, belt buckles and pocket protectors.
tricked out back packs like my main man venkman’s.
we got problems, namely the jocks.
the suv suckers with class rings on their cocks.
otherwise known as the motherfuc*** touchin' the tit.
if i was wolverine, you’d hear my knuckles go snikt.
i’m not perfect, the b4 picture of peter parker.
i always trip and drop my tray in front of the girl that always sparkles.
i got brains, f*** b’s and c’s.
i got a grade point average higher than hendrix on new year’s eve.
Chorus repeat
Don’t f*** with a geek, just cuz he got a gift.
you get in my way bitch you get a vulcan neck pinch.
one night i didn’t go to sleep, up playin’ risk.
at dawn, i won, got global dominance.
but it in the hallway it’s completely different shit.
can’t get my locker open and my pants are always split.
can’t seem to catch a ride, can’t ever get a date.
but in my mind 7 of 9 thinks i’m great.
prom night bites, primadonnas prevail.
i’m at home reciting lines from the holy grail.
stuffed nose, and some swollen glands.
never, been kissed, never been holding hands.
just, just my biscuits over britney in a bubble bath.
darth vader with inhalers, in case my lungs collapse.
the dragon died from a heart attack
you may advance and yo, i upped your armor class.
being a geek, it aint so bad.
i can’t get laid, i got japanime stashed.
and a mind jam packed with sci-fi facts.
dreadknocks rock, dinobots kick ass.
Chorus repeat

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