Get ready! To forgive and forget
Get ready! Live 'n let live for a sec!
Let em talk bout respect when they don't know the half
Think they got it all figured out but can't do the math
They want to clash 'n beef when I ask for peace
Check my calendar kid time runs fast this week!
I live great on tour while you hate cus you bored
If you got so much to say get in the booth and record!
But get ready! Your kind will debate bout you
Get ready! Don't mind what they say bout you
Get ready! You'll find it true when you grow up a little
The war is not between me and you I'm sad to say it's way bigger
It's not bout rapmusic rowdy kids or graf crews it's
Big business big issues let's not loose it!
Don't let em kill kids drop charges on real pigs
Drop bombs and act like it's a freedom fight they guilty!
They filthy and you talk bout who's the realest emcee?
Who'll give a fuck when there's no freedom of speech

For when we step on stage Get ready!
For when this shit goes down Get ready!
For when you meet the love of your life Get ready!
For your unborn children Get ready!

This shit is bigger than hiphop we gotta kill cops and build plots
Move into mountain hilltops
Leave Babylon cus on the route we on
We're heading for disaster faster than the Autobahn
I'm out to warn scream and shout: it's on!
Start the revolution now or ain't no doubt we gone
Then what good did it do to rep our hoods little crew
Dis other rappers say: I'm better than you!
When music is a mission not a competition
Now I hear you dissin' frontin' and bitchin'
About: he probably wack can't make a partytrack
Fuck that I pump the beat till the beast get a heartattack
A part of rap like battlin' and all of that
But before I kill emcees I kill the police
I'm really for peace love and equality
But it seems the police love to follow me
Because I' m hiphop I never felt the pressure from the hype
Not the type to give a fuck spit it in the mike!
'Cause I never aspired to be the best of all
Only here to inspire the rest of y'all
to stand tall Get up stand up for your rights
My people know what I mean Yeah sure you're right!
Unite focus on the real things in life
Stay away from all irrelevant things like:
Who got the most dough? Who got the best flow?
Who gives a fuck when it's our turn to go? Get ready!

For when the music hits you Get ready!
For when the judgement hits you Get ready!
For when the truth hits you Get ready!
For when love hits you Get ready!
For when the people fight back Get ready!
For when nature strikes back Get ready!
For the Looptroop terrorists Get ready!
For David vs Goliath Get ready!

When your friends is gone who's gonna save you?
And when the money is gone who's gonna pay you?
And when you keep telling the same lies as they do
Who's gonna believe what you say's true?
'Cause in the end when the judgement comes
Who cares if you're a millionaire rap star or bum?
What's that car gonna do when you lost your girl?
What's that cigar gonna do when it's war in the world?
What good is green when love is washed away?
What good is cream when happiness never come to stay?
When shit just don't seem to go your way
Who is there tellin' you everything is gonna be okay?
While you were talking about whether this or that's true
We gave the people a voice and somebody to look up to
I don't live and die for diamonds and ends
And I don't live and die for the four elements
Yeah I rap but is hip hop my life?
Who gives a fuck when millions of kids starve tonight Get ready

For when it's time to speak up Get ready!
For when it's time to shut up Get ready!
For when the world is burning Get ready!
For when it's time to stand up Get ready!
For when the judgement comes Get ready!
For when the police comes Get ready!
For when they drop the bombs Get ready!
For when you hear the next song Get ready!


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