Da Brat

Letra de la canción

Shit ,i let my guard down, Damn, I let yo azz in when i shoulda kept you out,
its all gravy it happens to alla us; when you hurt you hurt back, you reap what you sow.

In tha beginning when I met you I didn't mean to be\t rude but i had to sweat you
'cause you had me wet boo.
I couldn't let you get away 'cause then when would i see you again, another day?

Your face was all I needed to see on a daily basis my heart in you're hands would make it all gravy
But i was mistaken highly, you slid shit right by me bein decietful n hidin keeping secrets but still
keepin me smilin ivitin hoes to you're party Lord knows I don want to get started I might hurt somebody
Regardless ima love you for what we been through but keepin you is somethin I can't do

Chorus: x2
If you get somebody not jus anybody get somebody thaz gonna be like nobody
Get somebody don tell everybody 'cause somebody gon' try to crash you're party

As much as I miss you I can't get wit you
We painted a perfect picture
But I can see clearly now, the rain is gone
But tha pain still come on strong

Every so often I get discombobulated
Callin' Miss Cleo to see wat the Tarot Cards are sayin
Hopin' that she kno how to help a bitch out or somethin
Give me you're lucky number then come up those

Mothafuckas I'm not frontin you only get one strike here, you blew it
so i won't be\t right here
The best friend that you claim you eva had is gone and it happened because you played me wrong
Sing tha song for me:

(repeat chorus)

An' now that its over that predicament taught me to be\t a soldier n stay at attention
Fold my colla up an' pop it
An' keep hollarin at tha rich niggaz wit tha deep pockets that keep me goin shoppin
I'm better now than ever now, you've never found somebody quite like me to stay down
Whateva is meant to be, Ill be\t that n whoeva is sent to me will be\t crashed


check it out, no matter wat you do, you can't let em crash you're party,
get you somebody thaz gonna lad-dee-da-dee that came to party

Da Brat
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