Marilyn Manson

'Get Your Gunn' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Portrait of an American Family.


Goddamn your righteous hand
I eat innocent meat
The housewife I will beat
The prolife I will kill
What you won't do I will
I bash myself to sleep
What you sow I will reap
I scar myself you see
I wish I wasn't me
I am the little stick
You stir me into shit
I hate therefore I am
Goddamn your righteous hand
Goddamn Goddamn
Goddamn Goddamn
Pseudo morals work real well on the talk shows for the week
But your selective judgments and good guy badges don't mean to fuck to me
I am the VHS
Record me with your fist
Want me to save the world
I'm just a little girl
Get your gunn, get your gunn
Get your gunn, get your gunn

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