Letra de la canción

Please move through me
i need to feel your energy
existing between realities
needing you to notice me
i'm trying to outlive my memories
I sometimes push through the ramparts with anger and pain
i want you to see me and still want to stay
be firm with your guidance but don't talk down to me
i can take what you're giving when it's given for free
i don't need to be told that i need to be calm
i've been hearing that voice since i was six years old
i am strong, i am present, i am gifted and sane
i am trying to live on a much higher plane
When you come home i'll be there waiting
i'll be waiting there, sitting in my favorite chair
Please honor me
by living your life passionately
remember me on all-hollows eve
light a candle with tangerines
Know that i am wearing my favorite clothes
know that i am smiling; know that you're not alone
hear whispering to you as you go to sleep
feel me stroking back your hair when you have bad dreams
forget the times when you felt bad i didn't understand
forget the things we said when we were angry or mad
know that i am proud of you, know that i loved
every single thing about you you think is all-wrong
you are strong, you are patient, you're funny and bright
get through this loneliness by living your life
But know and forever that i listen
know that i waited for you
i'll be there waiting
i'll be there waiting
i'll be there waiting
i'll be there waiting


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