Anthony B.

God Above Everything

Anthony B.


nuttin nah gwann fi ya in life, ya pray to god every night...
but nah true ya can feed ya family & wife ya nah remember god...
no remember god...
mi know ya love ya car & ya bling-bling
but put god above everything
mi know ya love the levels that ya sell ya end
but put god above everything
mi know ya love ya woman & the modelling
but put god above everything
mi know ya love ya ride & ya bling-bling
but put god above everything.
(verse 1)
true ya rich and you don't remember
back in the days ya couldn't find bread & butter
who was the one to help you out when you ah suffer
shine him light throughout the darkest hour
true ya have everything your life require
you no remember fi go call pon jah jah
when you broke your toe dem time ya say a prayer
hey, but we used to hold it down together, see-it deh..
money nah mek say be there til the end
money start mek relationship end
true you get rich ya nah remember rasta again
nah remember say god was your only friend.
(repeat chorus)
(verse 2)
him put food upon mi table deliverance and give mi energy
make me stand up in the presence of mi enemy
walk thru the valley of death, nah fear nobody
fill my mouth with words to deliver properly
chant fi freedom, chant fi liberty
fi di poor dem we want better livity
you mista big man see it deh ya cockety
one day you will have to answer to the almighty
because how we used to hold it down together
thru the good, thru bad weather
though ya flick off jah love like a bad feather
you seh see time will get redder!
(repeat chorus)
(repeat verse 1)
(repeat chorus)

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