Buried Dreams

I'm the shadow within the light i'm the one who possesses your mind i'm the one who has the power in the end your absurd reality which between cries and hopes you desire anxiously to find. now feel my strength. my heat, my wrath embrace me, open your eyes and look who am i. i'm the force which builds and destroy & cover the mountains with blood i carry the death on my hands. i am an ancient god, creator of an hopeless future and because of me the weak and inferior minds have failed. i make fire rains from the skies that make you feel so scared deep whitin you now the gods of fire are burning our lives with vast desire touching our hearts no bloody liars will survive the curse of these gods of fire!!!. earth will be filled up by contaminated souls and soon the end shall come to a race full of cruelty and dishonour. now the battle of time and space must go on between thoughts and believes, carrying the winds of wisdom for a future we have to face. i rise my head and see you there you're just as i thought you are always buried in my dreams, end my doubt and rejoice your victory before life. you saw it, i wasn't laying, now you got me in front of you hearing at your stupid entreaties. oh please pity me, take me to your kingdom riding that nocturnal bird. you fuc*** martyr, your soul belongs to me, you'll have no more pain to suffer and in the same way of other chosen souls only peace will receive! my tears fall upon your feet, i thank your forgiveness. my soul will now rest in peace and there will be no force in this world witch can stop it. yes, because i`m the lord of gods, king of all time and universe, yes, i am! the battle has stopped for now, on earth, after chaos will be calm days and mourning rise will vanish in the endless cosmos. in every dream there will be always light,darkness will fade in his own black abyss. angels will guard the gate which welcomes a new being for forgiveness. illusions will rise up in the sky, crash with the stars fall into the deep of the oceans and lost in the sand's kingdom those false illusions will rise every time, when a son wants to be another god of fire.

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Buried Dreams

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