Warren Barfield

Letra de la canción

Sarah traded her laughter for guilt
There's no hope left in her eyes
And the sentence for the wrong she's done
Is a lonely life
And we ask what has she done
As if that could make it ok
It's amazing what comfort we find in distance
Put yourself in her place

We all need forgiveness
We all need a second chance
We all need to be giv'n grace

Well Deacon's got it all figured out
At least that's the way it seems
And he proudly wears his victories around
On his sleeve
He's the first to point his finger
When others don't measure up
God forbid he ever has to drink
From this bitter cup

I've messed up so many times
It's my past that I'm haunted by
If I'm ever going to truly live
Grace I must accept, grace I must give
Grace I must give


Yeah, are you giv'n
We all need just one more chance
We all need to be giv'n grace
Yeah, are you giv'n grace
Are you receivi'n grace
Are you giv'n grace
Grace I must give

Warren Barfield
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