Dare Devil

Letra de la canción

I feel that my world has been torn apart...
There is no where for me to run,
no where for me to hide, and
nobody left to turn to...
There is absolutely nobody to turn to,
because i feel that nobody loves me...nobody at all!!
I feel hated, unwanted and rejected by everyone!!
I'm not quite sure whether this is because of my own faults..
may be i'm really just innocent..or may be- may be god's punishing me!!!
But watever the reason, the consequences that i an rendering, is just killing me inside!!
My mind and my soul is now obscured by dark clouds,
clouds that are full of pain, misery, frustration and depression!!!
I don't kno who to talk to..nor i know who to trust..
cause they'll all think i'm just crazy and toss my stories away....people jus misunderstands me...
And these errors in my life jus keep going on and on....over and over..and over again-just like a sick cycle carousel...
And my depression state is almost on the verge, of overriding my will to carry on...
i'm confused- and i don't know what to do..
I know i am some where in between reality and fantasy...
and i also know that i need a helping hand, to pull me back into reality, to what i was, rather than letting me on dreams!!
Truth is no one is reaching out....to help me out...no one!!!

fuente: musica.com

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