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Rhapsody of Fire

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GUARDIANS es una canción de Rhapsody of Fire del año 2000, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Dawn of Victory.



We're living in our units
and one thing we can do is
work for a life without a fate
we don't pay any taxes
but the state is the axes
of our minds without love without hate
We have a higher order
no one needs to be a hoarder
our society is such a glorious thing
in our centers we can dream of
anything you never think of
you can't say we are puppets on a string
Our minds are kept so clean
checked up on a screen
they're holy men, they're saints
without them we might all fail
We don't know war and crime
things of ancient times
we just see it if we put on video
the blue pass is for my life
and the red one's for my wife
it's the only thing we really need to show
There are still some without rules
but i tell you, they're all fools
the guardians will find them as we've seen
we got banks where we freeze them
they get new brains screwed in then
and act contrarily to what they have been
With new minds made so clean
checked up on a screen
they will be the saints
without them we might all fail
guardians of our lives
protect security
they turn the key and they step in
controlling you and me
guardians of our lives
take care eternally
Puppets on a string
puppets on a string

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